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Thank you Cathy!


PDK House Leveling & Foundation Repair is the best company to call for your leveling / foundation repairs! Paul Kinser promises they will do you a good job...believe it!!! These men are amazing, and they get the job done!!!

Our home in San Leon, TX has quite a story behind it, which was built in 2006 by an elderly man of 86 yrs. It may not have been perfectly done, but we loved it. One drawback was he didn't build up the foundation, instead it was built directly on the ground. In late August 2008, just a few weeks after we moved in, we were hit by Hurricane Ike. 52" of Galveston bay water entered our region, which 6" of that got into our home. Over the year's rain settled under our home, which caused the blocks to sink (some tilted), and the home was very unstable. Almost to the point of collapsing on one side, and the kitchen was like walking up and down a sloped hill. We loved our home, but wasn't sure if it could be saved, so we began to contact companies for suggestions and bids. That was in late 2016...honestly, some of those bids made us quite leery. Since it's not always about the money, we really took our time to study the companies.

So, we collected up savings to prepare ourselves, and in late April 2017 PDK House Leveling & Foundation Repair remained on our minds, and the great ideas of what Paul had to share, but we knew it would be more since we waited so long. Our calling Paul was the best thing we could've ever done. Paul came back out on April 28th, 2017 to reevaluate the bid, and the contract was sealed.

On May 1st, 2017 PDK House Leveling & Foundation Repair came to restore our home to a stable level state. The 1st day his men seemed happy they got to demo an old collapsing storage room on the side of our house. That was fun, then they jumped right in to leveling one side. In 2 days, we were completed. Majority of the seal boards, and some joist boards repaired or replaced, all blocks reset, concreted in some piers to ensure the stability, then they added a sand / clay slope to the foundation, which will prevent water from accumulating underneath, thus ending the erosion.

PDK House Leveling & Foundation Repair are truly amazing! They went way above our expectations, and we want to say 'Thank You' once more to this wonderful outstanding bunch of men for helping us to feel confident about our home once more!!! We highly recommend this company and would definitely call on them again!!!

Thank you,

George & Cathy Biggs


To follow-up on re-leveling work conducted on 10/11/2019. I am so very appreciative for your help, and the courtesy of all your men. May the good Lord bless all of you and your families, keeping all of you safe and out of harm!

Once again...Thank you for helping this widow! May your kindness will be rewarded by our gracious Lord!

Thank you,

Mrs. Cathy Biggs

PDK crew

PDK crew 

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Ashley Crooks


"PDK leveled our house recently and did an amazing job! We had a rotten beam that was the root of our major problem and they took care of it right away! They finished our whole house in one day despite a little rain shower!! Definitely recommend for any leveling work!!!"


Kacee Kellum Roberds


"These guys have been at my house ALL DAY! They have worked so hard and done a FANTASTIC job!!! I am beyond pleased! So nice, professional and beat all the other bids. I will definitely be referring everyone I know to PDK!! Thank you all!!!"


Cherie Preston


"You can always count on PDK!




Tracy Whiteley 


"These guys came to my house for leveling. The care and consideration they had was outstanding. The guys talked and explained everything to me, as I could understand what they were going to be doing. Honest and trustworthy. Definitely recommend!"




"Great honest company! Level of work is superb..

 Richard Loftis

I had an excellent experience with PDK, they completed the job quickly but throughly and left the working area clean. Paul was very knowledgeable and professional, answering any questions my wife and I had. He did a great job at explaining what he was doing and why. Thank you guys!