FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about foundation repair

How do I know my foundation needs repair?

  There will be signs you may notice in the interior of home like cracks in the walls and ceilings or the doors and windows may not open/close properly, floors may be uneven or cracks in the floor tiles, plumbing problems, or separation of walls, doors or windows. Signs  on the exterior of home would be cracks in the brick or rock,cracks in the foundation, chimney gap from home or cracks/gaps in unusual places.   

What are some of the risks involved if I wait to correct a foundation problem?

  To wait will cause further damage that will probably cost even more to repair.  Don’t wait until the problem gets out of control, you’ll save a lot of money and inconvenience to you and your family by simply contacting us today for a 100% free evaluation. It's obligation free. Our work is fast and efficient backed with a warranty and 30+ years experience.  

How soon can you start the project?

  Scheduling depends on the complexity of the repair procedures as well as weather conditions and other factors. We have crews deployed daily and work is scheduled based on received contracts. We will be more than happy to discuss a possible start date upon performing a site evaluation.  

What is the difference between your system and some of your competitors?

 Our cast in place lifetime nail head piers system withholds longevity to any pressed pier on the market for foundation repair and house leveling 

How long have you been in business?

 PDK House Leveling and Foundation Repair  was established in 1997 by Paul Kinser.  Paul has been in the foundation repair business for over 30 years in  House Leveling and Foundation Repair expanding From North Texas into Oklahoma, East  Texas and Louisiana.   Our  motto  is " Our Foundations Are As Solid As Our Word" 

What makes your company different than other foundation companies?


We provide free estimates.  In most instances, we accept no money up front. Payments are made when job is complete.